Pointing Couple Making Up Crap!     (Synergistic Thinking)


On the front of a birthday card is a photograph of an older couple.  The man is pointing off across a lake and says to his wife:  “See that piece of land out there sticking out into the water?  The scientists have a technical name for it.  They call that a “stick out!”

On the inside of the card is written: 
“Another year older…another
year closer to making up crap!”

“Crap”  here means:  nonsense, absurdity, silliness… totally made up with no foundation in truth/reality.  

Making Up Crap, a cute line for a greeting card, is also a powerful learning technique, especially for athletes… and others who exploit those skills that athletes have perfected.  While 85-90% of all learning is done via linguistic pathways, utilization of one’s emotional, physical, and visual abilities (strong athletic skills) add a powerful dynamic to learning & remembering.  Through Making Up Crap (MUC), athletes now accomplish “Bigger!, Faster!, Stronger!” not only in their sport…but also in their academics!

BIGGER……..bigger quantities of information learned/remembered!
FASTER……..faster acquisition of information!
STRONGER…stronger hold on information…over longer time periods!

A new book by Richard Giordano Ed. D.


How Wacky Thinking and Sports Psychology Make It Happen

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  Special thanks to Carol and Bill Case of Villa Grove, CO for their portrayal of the "stick out" couple.